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Reversible Bath Soap and Floor Wash


Use the Reversible Bath and Floor Wash as a shield to reverse the effects of any spells, curses and any harmful evil sent towards you. Our Spiritual bath soaps/floor washes are made from the highest quality ingredients and from authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation-to-generation.

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Use our Reversible Bath and Floor Wash to send back any jinx or condition to your enemy. Specially prepared bath & floor wash in 8 oz plastic bottle.

Instructions for Use:

For use in the bathtub: Fill your tub with water, add 1/2 of the contents into the water and soak in the tub for 15 minutes while concentrating on your desire. Use for two baths.

Instructions for Floor Wash Use: Add half of the contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors from the back of your home to the front. Use for two floor washes.