The Modern Herbal Spellbook


With easy-to-follow instructions and herb listings, The Modern Herbal Spellbook from Anna Riva provides you with new and different spells to help you create a little magick of your own.


The Modern Herbal Spellbook by Anna Riva is filled with simple, easy to do spells- the amulets, charms and rituals you can use to help you obtain your personal goals of love, sex, money, success or revenge.  The use of herbs for multiple purposes. Spells include the following: 23 for Business, Money and Wealth; 23 for Making Wishes Come True; 78 for Warding Off Evil; 66 for Health, Long Life and Beauty; 53 for Power; 62 to Win Love and Lovers …plus more. 64 pages

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 cm