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Remove Evil

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Altar Cross Candle

Our Altar Cross Candle, is intended for divine worship. It is a simple and powerful symbol of faith, and is perfect for your altar and to practice your candle magic. Many candle burning rituals call for Altar Candles to be used. Our Altar Cross Candle is exactly what is referenced in many spell books like Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic. It also can be used to add spiritual power to your altar, or help answer your prayers. This candle is available in white, black red or green. Please specify your candle color when placing your order.

Break-Up Bath Soap and Floor Wash

For those looking for some spiritual assistance in ending a relationship, this is the perfect product for you. Break-Up Bath and Floor Wash is designed to help you get out of a relationship or complicated situation. All of our Bath Soaps and Floor Washes are made-up of the finest quality and purest ingredients.

Break-Up Soap

Use this soap to break up the strongest affair that exists! Break up the relationship between any two people or group of people. Use our Break-Up Soap on a daily basis to get the best results. For the best results, we recommend using this product in conjunction with our Break-Up Incense and Break-Up Oil.

Circle of Protection Amulet

This powerful amulet presents the ancient Mohammedan magic circle to protect you from harm. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1 1/2"  

Court Case Soap

Looking to stay out of trouble with the law, or in good favor with a lawyer or judge? Are you entangled in a messy court battle that isn't going your way? Use The Lucky Candle's specially formulated Court Case Soap to gain the upper hand in any court case or legal situation.

Devil's Shoestring Bath Soap and Floor Wash

Are you surrounded by gossip and slanderous words? Use The Lucky Candle's Devils Shoestring Bath and Floor Wash to trip up the devil and keep evil from reaching you, whether you use it on yourself, your home or at your place of work.

Drive Away Evil Oil

Our specially formulated Drive Away Evil Oil will remove all evil spirits that could be disturbing your mental and physical well being and surround you with positive energy that will start changing your life.

Go Away Evil Soap

Are you feeling as though someone has placed a hex on you, or your loved ones? Is your life filled with difficult situations that you feel are brought on by evil spirits in your life? Get rid of these evil forces once and for all by using our specially formulated Go Away Evil Soap on a daily basis. 3 oz. Bar  
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Go-Away Evil

Use our Powerful Indian Go Away Evil Spray to remove evil spirits that could be disturbing your mental and physical well being and surround you with positive energy that will start changing your life.

Healing Power Amulet

This amulet is empowered with the intent to aid in rapid healing. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"  

Helping Hand Oil

Our Helping Hand Oil is intended to bring peace to your life and your home. This oil will act like a shield to protect you from any evil spirits, harmful hexes and bad enemies trying to harm you or your family members.

Hot Foot Oil

"Hot Foot" is an old southern Hoodoo Formula, also known as Drive Away or Get Away, and is used to rid one of unwanted people. Looking to keep peace in the home and drive away enemies or troublemakers? Use our Hot Foot Oil when you want to make someone leave you and stay FAR away.

Showing 1–12 of 40 results