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Altar Cross Candle

Our Altar Cross Candle, is intended for divine worship. It is a simple and powerful symbol of faith, and is perfect for your altar and to practice your candle magic. Many candle burning rituals call for Altar Candles to be used. Our Altar Cross Candle is exactly what is referenced in many spell books like Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic. It also can be used to add spiritual power to your altar, or help answer your prayers. This candle is available in white, black red or green. Please specify your candle color when placing your order.

Clearance Oil

Use this Clearance Oil to refresh your mind, body and spirit. This magical spell oil can clear any negativity attached to you!

Fast Money Candle

Are you in a difficult financial situation? Are you concerned about how you are going to pay your bills? Let our 7-Day Fast Money Candle help you get your finances back in check quickly!

Healing Power Amulet

This amulet is empowered with the intent to aid in rapid healing. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"  

Helping Hand Oil

Our Helping Hand Oil is intended to bring peace to your life and your home. This oil will act like a shield to protect you from any evil spirits, harmful hexes and bad enemies trying to harm you or your family members.

Master Spiritualist Candle

Our Master Spiritualist Candle will give you the power to make anything work for you and ONLY YOU! Control Gambling! Control Family! Control difficult situations and make them work in your favor!

Money Drawing Fast Luck Bath Soap and Floor Wash

Is your financial situation where you want it to be... If not, try one of our most popular Bath and Floor Washes - designed to bring you lots of luck and money in a hurry!
  • Made from the highest quality, purest ingredients.

Money Drawing Kit

Our specially packaged Money Drawing Power Curio Kits are designed to bring money and prosperity into your life. This kit can also be used to aid you in gambling or achieving financial successes. All the materials you will need are included in the Money Drawing Kit:
  • Special Candle
  • Money Drawing Oil
  • Money Drawing Bath
  • Special Root
  • Special Herb Bag
*Complete Instructions for use are included.

Money Tree Amulet

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? This amulet will help focus your will to empower your financial endeavors and make money grow! Made in USA. Pewter 2" x 1"

Protected Life Pentacle Amulet

This Amulet is intended to help empower the protective barriers you've established around yourself. Various jewel colors, picked randomly. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"

Quick Money Drawing Soap

Are you having trouble making ends meet? Are your debts pilling up and your phone ringing off the hook with people that you owe money too? Bathe daily with our Quick Money Drawing Soap to bring you money in a HURRY!

Quick Money Drawing Spray

Use or specially formulated Money Drawing Spray to increase your wealth and bring in properity. Spray the Money Drawing spray twice daily in your home to help draw financial success to you and your home.

Showing 1–12 of 18 results