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Altar Cross Candle

Our Altar Cross Candle, is intended for divine worship. It is a simple and powerful symbol of faith, and is perfect for your altar and to practice your candle magic. Many candle burning rituals call for Altar Candles to be used. Our Altar Cross Candle is exactly what is referenced in many spell books like Anna Riva's Candle Burning Magic. It also can be used to add spiritual power to your altar, or help answer your prayers. This candle is available in white, black red or green. Please specify your candle color when placing your order.

Boss Fix Oil

Boss Fix Oil can be used to help end problems you may be having on your job.. Is the boss on your back? Is the boss picking on you, and causing issues? Use this to get the boss to back off, and allow you to do your job the way you know you can....

Clearance Oil

Use this Clearance Oil to refresh your mind, body and spirit. This magical spell oil can clear any negativity attached to you!

Come to Me

Use our specially formulated Come to Me Spray to bring back any lost love or to attract the person you desire and keep them in a love spell with you. Spray twice daily in your home, office or car to achieve the best results.

Courage Oil

Use our Courage Oil to gain strength and the power to fight back any evil and the strengthen your protection. This oil is intended to help shy people gain courage and to help them achieve the results they desire...

Court Case Soap

Looking to stay out of trouble with the law, or in good favor with a lawyer or judge? Are you entangled in a messy court battle that isn't going your way? Use The Lucky Candle's specially formulated Court Case Soap to gain the upper hand in any court case or legal situation.

Do As I Say Bath Soap and Floor Wash

Our specially formulated Do As I Say Bath and Floor Wash will help you gain control over a person, and/or a situation. Tired of people not listening to you - use this bath and floor wash and people will obey your instructions, carry out your suggestions or change their minds to favor your plans. All of our products are made from the highest quality, purest ingredients.

Do As I Say Oil

Specially formulated in-house, our Do As I Say Oil is used for getting what you wish for, gives you the power to command others to obey you and do as you wish. This powerful oil is especially useful to command a straying lover to return to you, or make your spouse stay honest and faithful.

Do As I Say Soap

Wash yourself with this soap on a daily basis to help you gain control of a person or a situation.

Gambler's Soap

Does it seem like your luck has run out when playing games of chance? Bathe with our Gambler's Soap before going to the casino, racetrack or the bingo hall and watch your luck turn around!

Gambler's Spray

Use our specially formulated Gambler's Spray to bring good luck your way before you go to the casino, racetrack or bingo hall - it is recommended you use this spray around your home to change your luck!

Showing 1–12 of 40 results