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Amulets & Charms

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Charms of Luck Amulet

These charms are crafted and charged to aid you in winning games of chance. Made in USA. Pewter 3/4" x 3/4"  

Circle of Protection Amulet

This powerful amulet presents the ancient Mohammedan magic circle to protect you from harm. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1 1/2"  

Empowered Love Amulet

Empowered to aid you in finding and winning the one you love, this amulet can also air in healing a broken heart. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"  

Healing Power Amulet

This amulet is empowered with the intent to aid in rapid healing. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"  

Lover's Embrace Amulet

Draw strength from this amulet, using its energy to reveal the beauty of the world. Made in the USA. Pewter 2 3/4" x 1/2"  

Money Tree Amulet

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? This amulet will help focus your will to empower your financial endeavors and make money grow! Made in USA. Pewter 2" x 1"

Protected Life Pentacle Amulet

This Amulet is intended to help empower the protective barriers you've established around yourself. Various jewel colors, picked randomly. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"

Solomon Seal of Luck Amulet

This Solomon Seal Amulet surrounds a Star of David. The seal is the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and has cabalistic symbols. Made in USA. Gold Color 3/4" x 1"

Win in Court Amulet

Strengthening your own powers of charisma and your ability to gain sympathy, this amulet is intended to air in winning court cases. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1"

Wishing Lamp Amulet

Rub this wishing amulet when you are thinking of that which you desire to help your wishes come true. Made in USA. Pewter 1" x 1/2"

Showing all 10 results